Sustainable Lawn and Landscape Technician

Sustainable Land Solutions is a lawn and landscape company focused on sustainability. We use all battery powered lawn and landscape equipment, focus on restoring ecology with native focused garden installations, and use ZERO harmful pesticides.

Our vision is to provide a high quality service to our customers that will reverse our carbon footprint! By using all green energy sourced battery equipment and planting thousands of native species, we can achieve this together!

We’re looking for candidates who are passionate about making a positive impact in our local community, while getting a great workout, and gaining tons of valuable experience and knowledge along the way.

Starting salary is $18/hour. Our employees enjoy weekly bonuses, gear and equipment earning opportunities as well as hands-on training. Experience preferred, but not required. We’ll train you on all of our processes and procedures.

Sustainable landscape technicians are responsible for beautifying gardens and lawns. We are professionals in maintaining clean and attractive landscapes. By applying knowledge about plants and aesthetics, we design conventional gardens, pollinator gardens, growing privacy screens, sitting sections, and other outdoor aspects.


Primary Duties

  • Maintaining lawns from fertilizer application to carrying out mowing duties.
  • Maintaining gardens from mulching and weeding to periodic hedging. 
  • Planting shrubs, flowers, and trees.
  • Aerating and overseeding lawns.
  • Setting up irrigation systems for newly planted gardens.
  • Periodically monitoring plants for disease and insect infestation.
  • Removing invasive plants, weeds, and debris.

Qualifying candidates must have

  • Clean driving record and active drivers license.
  • Be willing to take and pass a background check.
  • Have legal U.S. citizenship.
  • Be willing to take and pass a drug test.
  • Provide a resume (Preferably with referrals)
  • Non-Smoker